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This site contains and gives access to translations of legal acts of the European Union into the languages of candidate countries and potential candidates. Besides downloading translated texts, it is also possible to download acts in some languages in which they have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that a document available on-line exactly reproduces an officially adopted text. Only European Union legislation published in the Official Journal of the European Union (the paper edition up to 30 June 2013, or the electronic edition from 1 July 2013) is deemed authentic.
The Official Journal is published in the official languages of the European Union by the Publications Office of the European Union.

The texts and information contained on this site are available free of charge for the purposes of public information. They are subject to amendments during the preparation process for later publishing.

The information and texts available on this site may be reproduced provided the source is acknowledged as follows:
' European Union,'

Readers should be aware that certain parts of such information and texts might be protected under intellectual property law, in particular by copyright.

Links to the pages on this site are permitted provided that:

  1. the browser window does not contain any information other than that of the page of the present site to which the link is made and its address;
  2. none of the information provided on this site is modified.